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How To Create A CV On (6 Quick Steps)

Learn how to create a CV on in 6 easy steps.

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By Jess Wriggle

How To Create A CV On (6 Quick Steps) Image

Let’s face it if you’ve found this article, you likely already know what is.

And CV builders, right?

However, let me remind you… is a website that provides tools and tips for creating and editing CVs.

You can even use to create an epic cover letter too.

It offers a variety of templates and design options to help users create professional-looking CVs highlighting their skills and experience.

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Users can create and edit their resumes online and download them in various formats, including PDF and Word. also provides resources and guidance on job search strategies, such as how to craft a cover letter and how to prepare for a job interview.

In fact, made it onto our top 3 CV builders list and on the 21 best tools to get you hired list.

Why would you create a CV on

There are a few benefits to creating a resume using a CV builder like

1. Professional design: offers a variety of templates and design options that can help your resume look more professional and polished.

2. Ease of use: Creating a resume on is relatively straightforward. You can input your information online and download or print your finished resume.

3. Time-saving: Using a resume builder like can save you time compared to creating a resume from scratch using a word processor.

4. Guidance and resources: provides tips and guidance on how to craft a resume that will be effective in today’s job market, as well as resources on job search strategies like cover letter writing and interview preparation.

5. Professional templates: offers over 50 templates in various styles and formats designed by professional resume writers. The templates are easy to customise and can help you create a professional-looking CV quickly.

6. Import from LinkedIn: allows you to import your information from LinkedIn, saving time compared to manually entering everything. You can then customise the template with any additional details or formatting.

7. Download in multiple formats: allows you to download your CV in PDF or Word format or print it directly from the platform. This makes it easy to share your CV with potential employers or recruiters.

How to create a CV on

Here are the steps to create a CV on

Step 1: Go to the website and select the "Create a Resume" or “Sign Up” button.

Step 2: Choose a template from the selection of professionally-designed options. You can preview the templates by clicking on them.

Step 3: Customise the template with your personal information, work experience, education, skills, and other relevant details. You can use the "Add Section" button to add additional sections to your CV.

Steps to create a CV on

Step 4: Use the formatting options, such as font size and style, to customise the look of your CV.

Step 5: Preview your CV to see how it looks and make any final adjustments.

Step 6: When satisfied with your CV, click the "Download" button to download a copy to your computer in PDF or Word format. You can also choose to print the CV or share it online.

And that’s it. It really is that quick and easy to create a CV on Creating the content for your CV will take longer, of course. Check out these 5 quick steps to creating a CV.

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